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Bloggers have a field day with Sugar Bush...good, bad, stupid, funny, name it, they've said it...brace yourself and read on...

Bloggers have a field day with Sugar Bush Squirrel


Sugar Bush Squirrel, The Terrorist-Fightin' All-American Rodent!

At least someone is still out there hunting Osama bin Laden! 

That squirrel is cool!

Surely a genius in the underappreciated realm of squirrel satire and investigative reporting.

Before I met SBS & her thousands of outfits, I was a staggering know-it-all.  Then I discovered that a rodent could have more clothing than I have and boy did that cut me down to size.  So far this superstar with the expressive eyes and Bond-girlish name has managed to build up an extensive modelling portfolio and take on the role of a modern day Betty Grable.  Never have I seen a creature that is so amenable to costume changes.  There's just no way to be restrained about the whole thing so I'm just going to come right out and say it.  I love me some Sugar Bush Squirrel!

Sugar Bush is the Cindy Crawford of squirrels...and almost as sexy!

From Canada...Can a cartoon and merchandising tie-ins be far behind?

Everyone needs to realize this squirrel is a STAR.  The camera obviously loves her.

I like how Sugar Bush hasn't been gender stereotyped, despite being a female.  She plays both groom & bride, soldier & nurse.

That squirrel thinks he's big.

One amazing little rodent!

From Memphis...I declare!  I want a picture of the June Bride Squirrel as a wedding present!

Oh God, it's that squirrel again.  Wherever I look on the internet, I find links to that web site.  In fact, isn't this a movie star?  I think I saw him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week.

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

SBS prays for our troops and remains dedicated to Truth, Justice, Democracy & The American Way!  Whether in the field or leading the other squirrels, SBS remains faithful to the way!

Oh, man, that's too funny!

These are the best squirrel photos I've seen, absolutely ever! Excellent!

Whenever on the internet, I have been mainly gaping in amazement at Sugar Bush Squirrel, Rodent Sweetheart of the US Forces.  It really is worth looking at every single page!

As you can see, this is not your average run of the mill squirrel.  He's got drive, attitude and a sense of purpose.  He's the every squirrel!

Brooklyn, NY...This squirrel does it all!

For some reason, I can't get enough of Sugar Bush Squirrel...I laugh out loud everytime I see that damn squirrel in one of those outfits.  It's amazing!

Sugar Bush Squirrel the Superstar Squirrel...... It's squirrel-tastic!

I think I'd rather have Sugar Bush Squirrel as my President.

SBS defies words

Damn, that squirrel is packin' some heat!

I feel a comment should be made, but I'm speechless.

Oh, my, Sugar Bush Squirrel is my new favorite thing in the whole world!

These pictures are hilarious!

Certainly she has more outfits than any other squirrel.  Seeing is believing.  Check it out at

Thank you, thank you, thank you for uncovering this gold mine! Meet Sugar Bush.

Wow! I'm.....I'm speechless.  Literally, I am without speech or typing ability!

Now I know why they lost squirrel backing them up!

Stay tuned......

hundreds more coming......