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Sugar Bush Squirrel

Paper Doll


Coming Soon!!!!!!!!

I'd love for all of you out there to design paper dolls and outfits and send them in to me, Sugar Bush Squirrel, so you, too, can be an official designer on my web site. Email them to me at 

The official Sugar Bush Squirrel Paper Doll is not completed yet but here is a really cute paper doll with outfits that was submitted by one of Sugar Bush's fans, Freddi Pagni from Moraga, California, near San Francisco.  Freddi is originally from Canada and has done cut outs for her cousins for years.  Thanks, Freddi, for this darling paper doll of me and all of the fun outfits to go with it. 

Just right click on the photos and click 'print picture'.  Then have fun cutting out the outfits and playing with me as I go on my many adventures.


Paper Doll of Sugar Bush submitted by Freddi Pagni
Halloween Costume

Beach Outfit
Clown suit

Click on the email sign below to send your designs to Sugar Bush

Send designs to Sugar Bush