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The Official

Sugar Bush SquirrelR

8" Stuffed Animal


6 Sugar Bush Squirrel Stuffed Animal

The official Sugar Bush Squirrel stuffed animal is available now as a nude baby squirrel, wearing white baby shoes with either pink trim or blue trim.  With an official Sugar Bush Squirrel printed bow around its neck, this cutie is ready to be dressed in her elaborate wardrobe which is added to The Bushy Tail Boutique all year long.  These outfits will be sold individually so you can collect as many or as few as you would like to go with your 8" squirrel. 

Each baby Sugar Bush stuffed animal will be sold for $12.99 plus S & H. 

Click below to order

the 8" squirrel with

 PINK trimmed shoes

Click below to order

the 8" squirrel with

 BLUE trimmed shoes

Sugar Bush kisses her 6 inch stuffed animal

Sugar Bush gives her Stuffed Animal a big kiss

"Order my stuffed animal now for only $12.99 plus $6.75 shipping and handling.  Pay securely with Paypal or send a check or money order for $19.74 

 Email us for payment address and information at

Those in countries outside of the USA, send a check or money order for 24.74.  Email us for the postage price on large quantities of stuffed animals. 

NOW check out the Sugar Bush Squirrel Stuffed Animal dressed in a few outfits and accessories which are only a small part of her extravagant wardrobe in...


'The Bushy Tail Boutique'TM

right here on Sugar Bush's Official Web Site.

These outfits are fabulous!!!  Check some of them out below...


Squirrel Preppy Green Sweater outfit

Squirrelduggery the Pirate

Hollywood Director

Golfer Squirrel Hunter Green Sweater outfit
Squirrelduggery the Pirate Hollywood Director

Bushy Tail Boutique