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My ePals

Send me your photos to put on my ePal page.

I want to show off my ePals to all of the people who visit my web site.

Get pictures to me of you and/or your pet squirrel, if you have one, so they can be displayed.

Email them here

Include your first name and/or  pet squirrel's name and your city, state and country.  If you don't have a pet squirrel, send a photo of your pet anyway (and your pet's name) because Sugar Bush loves animals and would love to have any kind of animal as an ePal...


chopper and friday going to work

You might think it's strange for me to have an ePal that's a dog,  but this dog is my favorite dog in the whole world!  His name is Chop.  I call him Chopper.  Here he is with his dad, Friday. 

When I was visiting in Madison, Tennessee, Chopper baby sat with me while my mom and dad went out to dinner with his mom and dad.  As dogs and guys go, these two are the best! 

live well laugh often love much

 junior in his favorite tree  junior helps clean up the dinner table

Here's one of my favorite squirrel ePals...Junior.  His mom, Denise, raised him from a baby with Lucky, the raccoon.  Denise raises and releases squirrels and raccoons.  They all live in Florida like I do.  Squirrels are really cute in Florida!!!  Don't you agree???  Below you'll see more shots of Junior & Lucky with Denise...

junior as a cute baby denise holds junior up for the camera

junior and lucky with denise at home Denise and junior take a nap

raccoons are cute

email photos to Sugar Bush

 Toby and Kevin of Toronto Canada

Here's my new ePal, Toby the Cat.  His daddy, Kevin, said some nice things about me on a weblog the other day.  They live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.....I love my friends in Canada!

Canadian Flag

Here's Fiddy (pronounced like 50).  This kitty ePal of mine lives all the way up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  His mommy, Sheila, is a really nice lady and I'm having so much fun emailing all of my Canadian ePals!
Fiddy pronounced 50

Here's another one of my favorite, squirrel ePals.  This is Erk and his mommy, Tracey.  They both live in Maryland.  Tracey raised Erk from the time he was so tiny he didn't even have any fur!  Erk was brought home by a kitty cat when he was just a little, bitty, baby squirrel with his eyes still closed.  He opened his eyes the day before September 11th, 2001, just in time to see a last glimpse of a very different world!  He's all grown up now and lives a squirrel's life, in the woods. 

Squirrel & Big Nut

Carrie & Meeko the Raccoon

Here's Carrie, from Oklahoma, with my ePal, Meeko, the Raccoon!  Below are some more photos of Meeko...from different angles...he's a sweetie!  Did any of you out there know that Sugar Bush Squirrel's daddy is from Oklahoma, too?

Meeko the Raccoon

Raccoon animated gif

squirrel animated gif disguised