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Design Studio

This is the new Design Studio where we're going to have lots of fun!!!  Here, all of Sugar Bush's ePals and fans, and all of you out there who just like to draw, can send in your designs for her Bushy Tail Boutique...  Design clothes for her Stuffed Animal and get recognized on this page for your work...  If your design is chosen, you'll see it manufactured into an outfit or bling bling for her New Stuffed Animal.  Also, soon, you'll be able to design outfits for her Paper Doll, as well.

Start designing outfits then...

Click here to email your drawings

Even if your designs aren't chosen you will still get recognition for your hard work.  Lots of your designs will be posted on the web site along with your names and your own photos. 

A personally pawtographed photo key chain of Sugar Bush Squirrel, along with bonus prizes, will be awarded in random drawings from the names which are submitted with the designs! 

So get out your drawing pads, pencils, crayons, markers and sketch pads...or just use paint shop, photoshop, or whatever program you're used to, and let's have some fun designing outfits and anything original you can come up with for Sugar Bush!!!


Design Studio staff

Here is a fabulous collage of me, Sugar Bush, designed by one of my fans named Tara Flannery.  She thinks I rock!  Thanks, Tara, and I think you rock, too!!!

Sugar Bush Squirrel Collage by Tara

computer squirrel and forest squirrel

Jeff from Ohio submitted the winning colored version of the line drawing for our contest ending on April 30th. Below is his entry and this was Sugar Bush's comment when she saw it...

"WOW...  Jeff made me look GREAT!  How did he know that I keep in touch with 'W' on the Internet?  And I want to thank him for not revealing too much about the location of my secret hideaway in the forest where I go to get away from it all.  Congrats, Jeff, GREAT JOB!"

Here's Jeff's interpretation of the line drawing:

Jeff from Ohio Winning Entry!

Sugar Bush says, "There's nothing I'd rather do on a cold, snowy day than sit by the fire and design things for my Bushy Tail Boutique.  I hope you like to draw and color, too.  Send me your designs and use your outer space outfits, design a rocket for me to fly in, or do a cute little farm dress for me to wear in my next children's book.  Draw cars for me, bracelets, hats, shoes, horses, etc.

The possibilities are endless!!!" 

SBS kneels by fireplace at Christmas