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My ePals

Page 6

To start out this next ePal page, I begin with Karmyn and Jonathan Korte.  They are from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Karmyn works in a pharmacy and Jonny works with his family business at

They love my web site and they just love squirrels in general.  I have chosen their wedding photo, which is just beautiful, and I am proud to have them as my new ePals!


Karmyn & Jonathan

A Rose from Karmyn's Bouquet

Hey, look here, it's Kelly, the 4 year old Eastern Gray Squirrel, who owns a human mommy named Bonnie West in Hanson, Kentucky.  Kelly looks beautiful and regal.  That's because her full name is 'Princess Grace Kelly Belly Full of Jelly Never Smelly Her Squirrelness'  Wow!  Glad they shortened it to Kelly.  THAT I can remember...I wonder why???!!!

Kelly the Eastern Gray
acorn crest

Here's a really cute photo of Lucky the Squirrel.  Jim Todd sent this photo in and you can tell that Lucky is indeed a lucky little squirrel because it looks as if he's in good hands of someone who really loves him and knows what to do.  Thanks, Jim, for making Lucky my new ePal!


boom boom

Hi, I'd like to introduce to all of you, Violet the Flying Squirrel.  She's my newest ePal and I love her a lot!  Her mom and dad are Lacey and Jed.  Jed's a Navy Firefighter.  He's really brave and I'm proud that he and his wife like my web site.  Both Lacey and Jed love squirrels a lot.  They even found a statue of two squirrels holding hands to put on their wedding cake!  I hope you'll send me more photos of Violet real soon!!!


flying squirrel


Here is my beautiful ePal Elisa, her handsome fiance Angelo and her precious cat Thomas.

Elisa and Angelo

Great news from Elisa and Angelo...

Angelo surprised Elisa, October 22, 2006, with a barrage of roses and cards and a gorgeous diamond and topaz engagement ring. The wedding date is set for October 7, 2007. 

"Congrats to both of you from Sugar Bush Squirrel and I'm proud to have such a cute couple as my ePals!!!"

Elisa and Angelo are ENGAGED!!!

Elisa writes to Kelly and me and is always an inspiration to us.  Here is a quote from her email she sent with her photos.  Please check out her web site.  It's really nice!

Hi! My name is Elisa Sangiorgio. Please check out my website at  I live to tell the good news of Christ and pray that my poems and stories, which you can read on my site, reach out to people in need. Jesus has been my source of strength through every situation. Without Him, I don't know where I'd be or what I'd do. He has renewed my faith time and time again, and given me hope and strength at times were I thought I had none. I also enjoy reading, writing short stories, and have one novel finished, and I began part two and have yet to finish it. Here are some pictures of me, my boyfriend and my adorable cat, Thomas. Both are a true blessing from God!

Thanks, Elisa.   Keep up the good work and don't forget to keep sending us photos!

Thomas Thomas and pillow Thomas

Thomas looking for Elisa