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More of my

Wonderful    ePals!!!

Chico my Italian ePal

Chico's my new ePal from Italy and wow is he big! 

I like dogs as ePals.

dog ePal

Chris' two babies in Sunny California

Here are Chris' two babies in Sunny California. 

Aren't they cute!

My ePals are from everywhere. 

Meet Baby Earl the Cowboy Squirrel

This is my new ePal, Baby Earl, the Cowboy Squirrel.  He said that I was the cutest thing he'd seen since he opened his eyes and saw his mom!  He has an interesting story of his rescue: 

Baby Earl was found at the dump in 6 inches of mud!  He was screaming!  His new daddy, Barry, thought he was a rat, but then he noticed the fancier tail.  He was about 3 weeks old and had just been scooped up by a big demolition claw and dropped into the back of a dump truck...Amazingly, he survived with about 12,000 pounds of debris that fell out before he did!  He called out to his new mommy, Barbara, to come and pick him up and he's been living the 'good life' with them ever since!  Baby Earl just turned 2 on March 1st, 2005. 

He's a fox squirrel and has about 20 stuffed animals to play with and loves to make snowmen that look like squirrels.  They all live in the northern US, so they get snow quite often.  Mommy Barb received one of my Sugar Bush Squirrel Calendars in the mail from her sister-in-law and that's how we became ePals.  Thanks, Baby Earl, for the great pictures and your really exciting rescue story!  I think you're really handsome, too!

Baby Earl the Cowboy Squirrel

Baby Earl's Stuffed Toy Baby Earl's Snowsquirrel Baby Earl Outside Baby Earl Lounging

Baby Earl has a new Plush Sugar Bush Barb & Baby Earl Portrait Baby Earl in his White Cowboy Hat

jumping squirrel

Here's my cutie pug ePal from Canada....Cleo....look at all of those little puppies...  7 of 'em!   Cleo's been really busy!  Cleo's mom's name is Angie.  She stays busy, too, helping Cleo take care of all these puppies...

Canadian flag
Cleo and puppies with Angie

Angie with Cleo and Harley Cleo's 7 puppies

Angie with Cleo & Harley
Cleo's 7 puppies as they are growing up

squirrel knitting