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More Photos of Sugar Bush's 'Mom'

Ms. Kelly Foxton

TV commercial shot for Mercedes Benz ferrari owners convention
promo shot football referee backfield in motion recording

   TV Commercial shot &

      Publicity Photo for

         Kelly's Record

    'Backfield in Motion'

              Kelly at the

           Ferrari Owners


Oleg Cassini & Kelly Oleg Cassini & Kelly at a celebrity tennis tournament

Kelly is pictured here with famous fashion designer, Oleg Cassini.  Also, Kelly and Oleg are seen here clowning around at a celebrity tennis tournament.

minnesota fats teaches kelly the ropes of trick shooting recording at RCA studios Nashville Tennessee

                        Kelly recording at

                 RCA Studios (above)


Kelly studied pool shooting

with Minnesota Fats   


sweetheart of the 82nd airborne

Kelly Foxton - 'Sweetheart of the 82nd Airborne'

Clowning around with

Vince Dooley and the

University of Georgia

Bulldogs Football Team

in a publicity photo shoot for Kelly's

record 'Backfield in Motion' for

Billboard Magazine

vince dooley and the georgia bulldogs for billboard magazine

squirrel gif