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Welcome to

'The Bushy Tail Boutique'TM


Sugar Bush Squirrel would like to welcome you to her gallery of fashions and accessories for her stuffed animal.

Meet her 8" Official Sugar Bush Squirrel Plush Animal with a full line of clothing and accessories below.  

Keep checking back as we add new items!!!

Here's Sugar Bush kissing her  8" Plush Squirrel in the photo below...

CLICK HERE to buy the stuffed animal with only ribbon and baby shoes.  Paypal buttons are provided below for outfits with the stuffed animal. 

Sugar Bush with her new 6 Plush

And Now

The Gallery

for the 8" Stuffed Squirrel

The Bushy Tail Boutique


Brokenut  Mountain


Giddyup & ride 'em cowboy with Sugar Bush Squirrel in the hit movie Brokenut Mountain.   Sugar Bush sports a slimming, stylish black corduoroy vest, huge snakeskin boots to match a mountainous black felt cowboy hat, & is dressed to kill with a six shooter and pink bow. 

8" plush squirrel, complete Brokenut Mountain outfit sold together for $37.99 plus s & h (faux nuts not included) 

Brokenut Mountain Cowboy
Brokenut Mountain Cowboy

Hollywood Director



Lights, Camera, Action

Sugar Bush Squirrel joins the ranks of the great Hollywood Directors by directing such films as Ben Fur, Rodent Raiders of King Nut's Toomb, and Brokenut Mountain.  In a little black tam, a cream cableknit sweater with an oversized collar (collar shapes vary), black and white two-toned shoes and a clapboard that doubles as a magnifier, Sugar Bush is ready on the set.  

8" Squirrel and entire Director Ensemble sold together for $37.99 plus S & H

Hollywood Director Close Up

Hunter Green V

Squirrel  Preppy


A new kind of preppy for squirrels this year begins with this Preppy Green Sweater trimmed in a Red V-neck.  Decked out for school in T-Strap Walking Shoes to cross campus in style and a cute red bow to decorate her ear, Sugar Bush is off to college. 

Sweater, bow, shoes and 8" Squirrel sold together for $34.99 plus S & H.

Hunter Green V trimmed in Red

Gnawtical but Nice

Sugar Bush is ready to swab the deck in this navy blue striped sweater with red anchor, sailor hat and sandals (shoes vary).  Anchors away and ships ahoy as Sugar Bush sails off for the Persian Gulf.

8" Squirrel & Entire Gnawtical Outfit

$34.99 plus S & H

(shoes vary & colors vary)

Gnawtical but Nice

Gnaw and Order

Gnaw and Order



Alright punk, make my day!  I'm ready with my handcuffs and pistol. 

8" squirrel, complete police outfit

(this outfit is no longer available but a new outfit is coming soon),

pistol with holster, handcuffs and comfortable shoes for walkin' the beat, all sold together for 

$37.99 plus S & H 


Air Force

Flying high up in the air for us...

Sugar Bush is ready to go flying for the Air Force in a smart uniform of navy blue and gold. 

8" squirrel and complete Air Force uniform 37.99 plus s & h


Fly away into space with Sugar Bush Squirrel, Astronut, as she pilots her way around intergalactic debris and explores new planets in the galaxy.


8" Squirrel with Astronut Uniform 24.99

Space Shuttle sold out & no longer available 


Squirrel with Uniform


More outfits for The Bushy Tail Boutique coming soon!!!