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   Meet Sugar Bush's 'Mom'

The Squirrel Whisperer

Kelly Foxton and Sugar Bush Squirrel

william's island celebrity tennis tournament miami beach causeway between cruise ships the Pentagon in Washington D C award

     Kelly at a Celebrity Tennis

     Tournament at William's

      Island in Miami, Florida

   Kelly relaxes

 Between Cruises


   Kelly Foxton accepts the

   'Great American Citation

for Patriotism and World Peace'

        in Washington, DC

Kelly Foxton Silver Las Vegas Shot

Kelly Foxton is an entertainer who came up through the ranks of country music as a recording artist, to international stardom, performing around the world.  Kelly recorded numerous single hits and duets on RCA Records with one of country music's pioneers, the late Hank Snow.  She performed for years on the Grand Ole Opry and also traveled all over Europe with England's Entertainer of the Year, the late Box Car Willie.  Later, Kelly put together her own Las Vegas act for cruise ships and conventions. 

She has awards too numerous to mention but one, of which she is most proud, is 'The Great American Citation for Patriotism and World Peace'.  She was given this award for her work as 'The Military Pin-Up Queen' where she traveled to military installations, boosting the morale of our service members, around the globe. 

Now, after settling down in sunny, south Florida, Kelly has decided to continue her mission to boost the morale of our troops by photographing her pet squirrel in cute military shots. That way the guys and girls, keeping our great country free and helping to bring democracy to the rest of the world, will have a little 'Military Mascot' to carry around with them in their pockets to remind them that we, back here in America, are with them all the way.  Sugar Bush Squirrel is a cute, cuddly little American squirrel who bends over backwards to do these shots but she's always happy to do it!!!  She looks forward to getting new outfits and props.  She loves to pose with guns and all of the airplanes, tanks and helicopters.  "If she ever disappears while I'm resetting the camera, you can bet she's inside one of her jeeps or helicopters playing around and 'figuring out' new poses!"

If you know of any American or allied soldiers overseas, whether it be in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea or any other place where we have peace keepers, who might like wallet size photos of Sugar Bush Squirrel 'The Military Mascot' to carry in their pockets with them, please email me their email addresses, where they can receive and print them out, and Sugar Bush will email each one of them one of her shots (in the military attire of his/her choice).  If you know of military service personnel overseas who would like wallet size photos of her for their whole company to carry around in their pockets, let me know the company's APO address, and how many are in the group, and we will see to it that they receive a whole box of her wallet photos AT SUGAR BUSH SQUIRREL'S EXPENSE!!!   

Sugar Bush Squirrel wants to boost the morale of every member of the American Armed Services and allied troops around the world.  Thanks for helping her accomplish her goal!!!


        The Official Photographs of Kelly Foxton

         'The Military Pin-Up Queen'

marine pin up shot air force pin up in front of jet

                The Marine Pin-Up

         The Air Force Pin-Up

army pin up on Entertainment Tonight in Nicaragua with marines at US consulate

          The Army Pin-Up

                Kelly with the Marines

                             in Nicaragua


Ms. Kelly Foxton

The Country Music Star

sawyer brown and kelly in korea DMZ Gilley's in Texas New Zealand International Star on That's Country TV Show RCA Records publicity photo shot

Kelly with Sawyer Brown

  entertaining troops in

 South Korea and along

           the DMZ

      Kelly & Hank Snow

      at Gilley's in Texas

 Kelly in New Zealand

 on set of the TV Show

     'That's Country'

   Kelly Foxton's

RCA Publicity Shot

Kelly Foxton with Box Car Willie Kelly Foxton with Porter Waggoner Kelly Foxton with Earnest Tubb

Box Car Willie & Kelly Foxton

at Wembley

Porter Waggoner

& Kelly Foxton

Earnest Tubb & Kelly

at the Grand Ole Opry

Vanessa, Jack, Kelly, Joseph

Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Albertson, Kelly Foxton, Joseph Campanella

In July, Sugar Bush and Kelly stopped off in Nashville & visited with Vernon Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey's dad).  Here Vernon gives Kelly some of his sage advice at his cute little barber shop. 

Kelly & Vernon Winfrey