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Archived Stories

featuring our Anchor

Sugar Bush Squirrel

SNN Celebrity News Bulletin...

Pop Star Britney Spears has announced on her web site that she is pregnant!  

Britney's 'been squirreled' by Sugar Bush as she is stepping onstage for her first show after the announcement.  Telling SNN that she is ecstatic about the pregnancy, she then proceeded to wow the audience with her sexy, flirtatious poses onstage, wearing only her own purple and white Britney t-shirt and matching hairbows while singing, what else but,

'Nut Me, Baby, One More Time'!

Britney strikes a sexy pose onstage

Britney performs Britney announces that she's pregnant

Michael Jackson's been squirreled...

5:20 pm MONDAY 6/13/05





SNN has acquired 10 year old photos of Michael Jackson's bedroom which clearly show a walk-in closet with a secret door leading to a narrow, oriental carpeted stairway, lined with stuffed animals. This stairway leads to a secret hideaway room.  The chamber is concealed so well that it may have been missed by police investigators.  On the walls are framed pictures of smiling diapered babies... 

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson's Bedroom Closet

...To get to the hideaway, you have to pass through Jackson's main bedroom suite, where you will see a large red velvet 'throne' and a four-poster bed.  The walk-in closet, which hides the secret entrance, is packed with military-style coats and children's toys and books.  Over the bed is a large picture of "Home Alone" actor Macaulay Culkin.  Culkin wrote a note on the photo reading, "Don't leave me alone in the house."  (To see a close-up of Michael Jackson's bed, click on the squirrel reading one of his magazines below)

Michael Jackson's Bedroom
Michael Jackson's magazine

Congratulations to Dan Wheldon...

Dan Wheldon, of the United Kingdom, has won the 89th Indy 500.  Second place went to Victor Meira (Danica's teammate), third place Bryan Herta, and fourth place goes to Danica Patrick, the first woman to ever lead even one lap in the history of the Indianapolis 500.  Congrats to all of the winners. 

Sugar Bush Squirrel watched the race from her set of Ben Fur in Rome, Italy, and sends her congratulations to all who participated in the race and special kudos to Danica for hanging in there while low on fuel.  Sugar Bush said, "With the price of fuel today, I certainly don't blame her for conserving it!!!"

Sugar Bush's Announcement Thursday night...

Sugar Bush Squirrel, having qualified in first place, pole position, for the May 29th Indy 500 Race, made a shocking announcement to the media.  She would be unable to even race Sunday.  With Sugar Bush backing out, it leaves the pole position to Brazil's Tony Kanaan, second place to Sam Hornish, Jr., third place to Scott Sharp and fourth place to the only other female to qualify, Danica Patrick.  To quote Sugar Bush Squirrel in her own words, "I have been offered the leading role in the new remake of the famous movie entitled BEN FUR, which starts shooting Saturday.  I had to make a very crucial decision at a moment's notice and I feel that my bowing out gives my female rival, Danica Patrick, an edge to be the first female to win the race.  At this time, I'm trading in my race car for a chariot."  

SNN will be sure to post photos from the set, in Italy, of her new movie............ BEN FUR....... with a release date scheduled for later this summer.   

Sugar Bush's Racing Car for the Indy 500

Martha Stewart The Big House Bytes

'The Big House' Bytes...

"Congrats to Martha Stewart on her recent release from prison.  She can now get back to designing cool stuff and starring in her new TV apprentice show.  Her dogs, horses and birds really missed her while she was gone and all of us squirrels, at SNN, missed her, too!"

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squirrel drummer

Sugar Bush's tribute to Natalie Holloway

SNN Squirrel News Network

Has anybody seen Natalie Holloway?

The Mountainbrook, Alabama, graduate is still unaccounted for after disappearing on the island of Aruba while on a senior trip.

Sugar Bush will never stop looking for beautiful Natalie and asking questions and neither should you!